Xero Health Check

What does a Xero Health Check includes:

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We are here to help you solve any misunderstanding with your bookkeeping errors

We are experts in Xero bookkeeping, let us help you go over your Xero file to identify any problems and help you solve them

Our mission is to make your business finances happier.

Xero health check

We´ll do an internal check up of your bookkeeping to avoid any mistake you could have on your reports,ensuring everything stays as simple and structure as possible.

Let us guide you to make the easiest for your Bookkeeping, we understand how hard could get if you do it alone.

We understand sometimes can be like learning to surf for the first time over the smallest board on Earth!

Set up your Xero
  1. Creating a list of your accounts to record transactions in Xero, eg. your  sales revenue.
  2. Identifying your conversion balances, from yours closing balances for the day prior to you opening your Xero account.
  3. Getting your PayPal and Stripe set up with to the invoice-sending process and have absolutely professionalism with them.
  4. Correct set up of your Bank Rules to automatically suggest the coding of your next transaction, allowing you to reconcile transactions easily.
What we´ll be looking at

We will start with a professional analysis of your Xero account setup and look for:

  • Xero settings
  • Xero setup
  • Bank feed inaccuracies
  • Inventory
  • Currencies
  • GST coding mistakes
  • Manual journals
  • Reports
  • Expense claims
The importance of a Healthy Xero

Having a healthy Xero can help you make sure the primary settings are all as they should be.

If you get your primary settings wrong, it could lead your numbers to inexact numbers.

When talking about making your business more success, you need the exact numbers to make the correct decisions or accurate data for reporting or tax purposes.

Xero Health Benefits

Ensure your accounts are correct

Identify errors, duplications or omissions

Identify problem areas and rectify before any inconvenience